♡ My Policies, Etiquette & More


♡Life happens. If you need to cancel for whichever reason, I understand. Please view my policies below:

48 hours notice is required for ANY cancellations in relation to any engagements. Anything after 48 hours is subject to a 40% cancellation fee & anything after 24 hours is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

No-shows & cancellations within 6 hours of our meeting will require a 100% fee.

♡Overnight Engagements will incur an automatic 50% Fee if canceled at any point after the appointment has been made & a 100% Fee if canceled within 24 hours of our meeting.

♡Unpaid cancellation fees, will result in a lifetime block/ blacklist  & you may not be able to contact me again nor book with me ever again.

~Consideration Particulars/ Deposits

♡Any & all dates that are not a FM2Y or an overnight scheduled with me require a 30% deposit in order to schedule. This goes to new & existing clients.

If You do not want an electronic paper trail please contact me for an alternative deposit method.

♡Deposits for dates are non-refundable unless I have to cancel you will be refunded in full 100%.

♡Engagements of 3 hours or longer require some time in a public/ social environment. If you are unable to leave or want to stay in the entire duration of our engagement, then please add $500 one time fee.

♡All overnight engagements require 7 hours of interrupted sleep time. In the event that you would like to have a slumber party or wake me for a late night conversation, please add a $500 night owl fee for each night that our slumber party continues.

♡If you reschedule for the same tour i will waive the cancellation fee.

~Fly Me To You 

♡All Travel costs, including UBER & 1st or business class airfare, are covered by the gentleman. You are responsible or my 4 or 5 star accommodation. All Fly Me To You Dates require a 50% deposit in order to schedule, however if you would like for me to take scheduling my travel arrangements into my own hands then don't hesitate to ask!

~Extended Arrangements

♡I appreciate at least 2-3 hours of personal time a day, so that I may have time to prim.

~Requesting A Date

♡I recommenced a minimum of 48 hours' notice for new suitors.

♡This will ensure you will be able to schedule the time slot you would prefer & there is also sufficient notice to do a proper verification to ensure a high-quality engagement.

♡Priority is given to longer engagements & regulars. Please note that I do not discuss "services" until screening is complete as arrangements are for my time & company only until you have properly screened & i am able to verify you.  You are more than able to ask me for my menu after screening has been complete!

♡When you first reach out to me, please send a thoughtful email & share a little about yourself with me. Please provide the date & time you would like to come to me or have me come to you.

♡Screening is absolutely required & there are NO exceptions.

♡Emails that are missing booking details, screening information, or are simply impolite, will not be responded to. 

~When We Meet~

♡Never discuss services or the consideration during our session. Chemistry is important & is different from person to person.

♡(If Cash)Please have a pre-counted consideration ready upon my arrival & placed in an unsealed greeting card or envelope. Please place the envelope on the bathroom counter or someplace visable within the room such as a coffee table before my arrival or within 5 minutes of our date.

♡If we meet in public, please use a gift bag, or place the consideration in a greeting card or envelope in a book or magazine & then hand it to me discreetly.

♡Please do not negotiate the consideration for my time. Any discussions or negotiation of my time during our date is unacceptable. Any clarification should be handled before our date.

♡I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions- before, during & after our time together. I am a planner by nature & always prefer advance notice. I believe that we must both respect & acknowledge the importance of each other's time. I have a buzzing social calendar, so i am selective about who i will meet. I prioritize time for people with whom i feel i will have an excellent rapport, connection & experience.

♡If our connection is flowing & you find yourself wanting to extend time, feel free to ask me. If i don't have any pressing commitments , i will most likely be happy to spend more time. Of course, extended dates must be accommodated accordingly. If our date is running over time, I will be bringing up the extension rate to you. $1000 per hour.

♡While gifts are never expected, I am always delighted by surprises. After all, what woman doesn't like to be pampered with something unexpected & special? It's definitely the easiest way to set yourself apart as the gentleman I adore & spoil in return. If interested in surprising me throughout our time together then you can refer to my wishlist for the perfect idea!   

~Hygiene & Grooming~

Hygiene is of utmost importance to me. Hygiene is super important because it comes to show where our level of self care stands. I take pride in my appearance & have impeccable hygiene. I expect the same from you. :) Please make sure to prep accordignly prior to our experience together & show up well groomed, have fresh breath & be freshly showered when we meet. If needed, a shower & toiletries will be available for your use If I am hosting our date together. <3