♡Consid-erations♡(A Climax Experienc-e) 

♡Spring 2023 (NJ)
♡Spring 2023 (NJ)

♡ Winter 2024
♡ Winter 2024

A Delightful Escape ♡ 

I'm all about true connections & exclusivity, and I prefer quality friendships over quantity. I love meeting gentlemen/individuals who appreciate the essence of building long lasting relationships so that we may continue to enjoy each other's company over time as well as build a stronger connection together. Because I want to savor our time together, I prefer extended engagements for unrushed conversations and true relaxation & ultimate pleasure. 

♡When not touring my incalls are hosted from my incall location in NJ (About 20 min Across the Lincoln tunnel to Manhattan) When touring my incalls are hosted from centrally located hotels. Outcalls will only be available to upscale hotels/ residences.

♡All gentlemen who've met with me in the past are grandfathered with my previous rates!

             ♡The Climax C.O.N.S.I.D.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.S

♡Add ons..

♡Filming +400

♡Same Day appt +300

♡ Outcall fee (On Distance)

♡Trip to Greece +400 

♡Couples +700

♡Duo +700 (My Rate + Theirs)

♡In Date Extension +1000/hr


                                     *My Rates are strictly non-negotiable*

♡ The Beginning.... (A Brief Introduction)     

"No Time To Waste"

♡700 = 30 Min 

Premium 1500

"Just dropping a Hi Glance"   


900 = Up to 1 hr together 

          Premium 1700

♡ "Introductions"

1200 =  1.5Hour     Premium2000  

♡ "A quick hello"

1600 =  2 Hrs     Premium2400   

♡ (Personal Favorite) Lunch & Dinner Dates              

Preferred for first time meetings.
Must include time in public with a social activity such as lunch, dinner or an outing. If you wish to spend the entire date in private, please add +500 to rate (one time fee)

♡ "Afternoon Delight"

2200 = 3 Hours       Premium3000 

"High Tea"

♡2800 = 4 Hours     Premium♡3600

♡ "Your All Mines.."

♡3800 = 6 Hours       Premium♡4600

Extended Dates (The best dates to cherish!)

♡ "Breakfast in bed *overnight* "

♡5000 = 12 Hours      Premium♡5800

♡ "Extended Paradise

♡6000 = 14 Hours     Premium♡6800

♡ "A Full Day & Night Together!"

♡8,000 = 24 Hours      Premium♡8,800

♡ "2 full days of endless bliss

♡10,000 = 48 Hours     Premium♡10,800

♡For Longer Time Frames/Dates Please Inquire!

For dates of  24 hours and more, I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and my own bed. This allows me to be well rested so I can be present and feel my best during our time together. I will also need 2 hours of personal time to check business emails and personal messages & prim! Thank you for your understanding! <3 

Fly Me To You 

First or business class flights, hotel and travel expenses must be paid for by you to secure our date. 

(If you wish for me to take care of all travel itenerary *Flight bookings & travel costs* please add +2000)

Fly Me To You: Domestic Travel within the United States

2 hour minimum | East Coast 

4 hour minimum | Midwest 

6 hour minimum | West Coast 
40% deposit is required

Fly Me To You: International Travel

12 hour minimum 
50% deposit is required.

Package Dates

Package dates are only available for clients whom i've meet with frequently & whom I have built a strong chemistry with. Package Dates are set up for the gentleman whom wants something more serious & long term & isn't afraid to take action for it. If you are a current client & we have been able to establish a mutual connection & your interested in a different package deal than the ones i have listed below then please contact me & inquire. 

♡2 two hour dates = 3000 

♡2 three hour dates = 3800 

♡2 six hour dates = 6500

♡3 twelve hour dates = 12,000

♡2 twenty four hour dates= 11,000

Social Dates 

Social Dates are strictly just social. This means a dinner date, or coffee date or wherever our minds wander off to. Social dates are spent outdoors getting to know each other before you decide you'd like to book a date spent indoors together in private. Social dates are a great way to get to know each other if your wanting to connect face to face over a activity before deciding you'd like to arrange a more intimate time together. Chemistry is different from person to person & social dates allow us to get to know each other while still fully dressed ! :)

♡1 hour = 500

♡2 hours = 1000

♡3 hours = 1500

♡Spring 2022 (Nyc)