Frequently Asked Questions


(Premium SnapChat)

Q:What is a premium snapchat?

A:Natalia's premium snapchat is a private story with 18+ content. I will be sharing my naughty side, normally posts I wouldn't be able to share with the general public.

Q:When will I be added to Natalia's premium snap/granted access to her explicit photos?

A:You should be added within a few hours but up to 24 hours. Please make sure that you provide your correct snapchat username/email to prevent delays. 

Q:How often will Natalia post on her premium snap?

A:Almost daily!      :)

(About Me)

Q:Are all the photos on your site really you?

A:Yes all of my photos are new the oldest ones being about a year old. I also have multiple social media outlets I encourage you to follow for the BTS of my daily life, travels, and adventures!

Q:Why do you require deposits?

A: I require a small deposit for all dates because our time together is valuable. I center my entire day around our date. Deposits help secure this time together for both of us without any interferences. Canceling on my end is extremely rare, however, if I do happen to do so I can guarantee I will send your deposit back within 24 hours. If you happen to have to cancel with 48 hours of notice your deposit will be applied to our future date. If you must cancel without 48 hours notice there will be a non refundable 50% cancelation fee, however, your deposit will still be applied to a future date.

Q:How will you dress for our time together?

A:I like to be able to dress accordingly, so please always tell me what you would like to do together. I typically wear heels and dresses or a sexy outfit consisting of well fitted pants & a nice blouse but always elegant and tasteful. I will never appear indiscreet, if you have any specific requests please be sure to ask me.

Q:Whats your favorite food & drink?

A:I live by the grape! Champagne and Red Wine are my general preference, although I love craft cocktails as well!

I have an odd obsession with Mexican food such as tortas & burritos.... Other than that, I love exploring the fine dining restaurants of the most celebrated chefs!